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The Importance of Mattress Encasements
In apartment buildings and other attached dwellings, bed bug infestations can be particularly widespread from one dwelling to another. People face risks of possible exposure to pesticides and are experiencing loss of belongings and financial distress as they deal with an infestation.

Travel tips for avoiding bed bugs

People who travel regularly are more susceptible and likely to bring home bed bugs than people who don�t.

  • Examine your hotel room looking in key places.
  • Protect your luggage - bed bugs hitch hike.
  • Check the lease agreement regarding bed bug solutions.
  • Pets are susceptible to bed bugs.
  • Infested furniture can be reclaimed with encasements.

Business or vacation travel is a common trait shared among homeowners experiencing a bed bug infestation.  Bed bugs are a people problem and not a building problem.  They are an �equal opportunity infester�.  Bed bugs may be encountered in five star locations as well as lower end locations.

You may inquire with the hospitality staff regarding the presence of beg bugs.  However, depending on the knowledge of the personnel, the information you receive may not be accurate or maybe padded.

As a proactive measure, examine your hotel room at check in using a quality flashlight.  Check for signs of bed bugs around and behind the headboard, the mattress, and the box spring.

Travelers must also protect their luggage from being contaminated with beg bugs.  There are commercially available bed bug certified luggage encasements that may be used to seal out bed bugs from entering your luggage. 

A bed bug infestation can exist in a dwelling for months before being detected by a resident.
When selecting an apartment dwelling, residents should ask the leasing agent or apartment manager about the presence of bed bugs and what their experience has been regarding them.  A reputable apartment company will be truthful with you and have a sound bed bug management program in place to protect you, your neighbors, and their investment in the property location.

If an adjoining apartment has a bed bug infestation this does not necessarily mean that other adjoining apartments will get bed bugs.  However, bed bugs can travel from apartment to apartment by various means.  Contact the apartment landlord to express your concerns.  Find out what they are doing about the bed bug situation and what they are doing to assure your apartment is protected from bed bugs.

Hungry bed bugs seek out their hosts.  They are attracted to heat, carbon dioxide, and other factors given off by their victims. It�s possible that bed bugs can find their way from room to room and apartment to apartment through many available pathways.

Pets are susceptible to bed bugs.  It is important to inspect and treat their bedding as part of your home treatment plan.

The bed bug problem is growing in the Unites States and, as a result, the pest management industry is becoming increasingly effective at handling bed bug problems with more and more companies increasing their knowledge and experience in dealing with bed bugs successfully.  A bed bug treatment program is best selected on the quality of the management company and not on price.

Several characteristics are obvious in a quality pest management program.  A good bed bug pest management company will have a treatment program that �makes sense� to you.  Two technicians will be sent to do the treatment work.  They will provide you with information on how to prepare for the bed bug treatment work and provide you with viable recommendations on what you can do to enhance the overall results of your bed bug management program.  In order to ensure your dwelling stays bed bug free, be careful to utilize all the preventative techniques and follow the directions provided to you by your pest management professional.

If a box spring or mattress has been infested with a bed bug problem, it is not necessary to throw away your mattress.  If your mattress is in good condition, has years of useful life remaining, and has been successfully rendered bed bug free by your bed bug service provider, then there is no need to discard an otherwise useful mattress.  However, if you have doubts about your mattress and/or box spring still harboring bed bugs, then purchase a quality bed bug certified mattress encasement.  High quality mattress encasements have been tested to be bed bug certified.  Bed bugs cannot enter, escape, or bite through these encasements.  Be sure the mattress encasement you select has been bed bug certified.

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